Saturday, May 12, 2007

Television Ratings down.

NBC, CBS, ABC and a host of other networks are losing viewers and they wonder why. If I was a member of the Neilson Rating families I could tell them a few reasons. For one, all of the cookie cutter shows that have no originality. Just how many cop shows can we take until there is burnout. Lets see another show with kid stars making adults look like the idiots and the children who are always putting the adults in their place with all of their vast knowledge of life.

How about to many commercials thrown at us all at one time. What a pain in the ass it is to be watching a movie or a show and there is more commercial time than there is actual show time. Then when the show does come back on you have those annoying little pop up ads at the bottom of the screen. You can't even get into the show and enjoy it with all of that going on. Besides that, with the flood of commercials at every break, none of them have a chance to sink in and are forgotten as soon as the next one is shown. I find myself getting tired of seeing ten minutes of long commercials that have nothing to do with the product anyway and turning the station.

Usually I head over to Discovery, Hallmark, amc, History or Nick at Nite where the commercials are less and the shows are better. Turner classic is another good one I like to watch.
With the price we all have to pay already for cable it stinks to be bombarded with so many commercials and then only getting a fraction of actual show or movie. The movies have been cut to pieces so more commercials can be shoe horned in and most regular sitcoms are only a total of fifteen minutes because of the commercials. If you picked up a Newspaper and it was loaded with mostly ads and very little content, would you continue to purchase that paper? I think not.

Loose the pop up ads and lesson the commercials. It's like watching the Daytona 500 and having more caution laps than racing. Soon you get bored and move on because you've lost interest. Bring back movie night like the Wonderful World of Disney used to do. Perhaps go back and look at the old hit shows for research to see what worked. I mean, Ford did that with the New Mustang and look how that has soared.

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