Saturday, June 23, 2007

Atlanta After Six Years.

I finally made it to Atlanta to see my Mom and Pop after six long years. It was a good trip and was some what of a surprise for me. My Pop had major surgery a couple of months back and my Mom is not in the best of health either. Things just didn't seem to be going right for me to take a trip down that way as money has been tight for a lot of people including me. Not to leave out that the transmission on my truck had literally exploded internally so we had to save up $1405 to get it fixed. Gas prices also figured into the travel factor.

While there my Pop gave me a bunch of old books of his to read. He's a huge Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey (Who was a Dentist) fan and Pop, with Moms urging, passed them along to me. Reading seems to be becoming a lost thing to do these days. What with the Internet and Tivo and the huge amount of video games that are around. But there is something in reading you just can't get with all those other things. The use of your own imagination from the words on a page. If you read a book, I mean find a good spot to truly read a good book so you can get into it, you can just slip right into the pages. You can see it the way you see it and not the way some director wants you to see his imagery.

While reading the first Zane Grey book out of the box titled ' The RainBow Trail' circa 1915, I had to stop and just think to myself at how several people have looked at and read the very same words on the page. My own father held this same book and read these same words himself. My eyes are seeing the same words on these same pages in this book that he held. For me that's something wonderful to think about.
There is magic in the written words on pages in books that is lost to a whole generation. A book needs no power cord or batteries to work. There is no volume control on it and you won't disturb others if you wish to read at night. You don't have to record it to come back to it later or rewind to catch something you missed and best of all, no commercials. A book will allow you to travel back in time or into the future whenever you want and go places you'd never be able to see. Even Tivo can't do all that.

You only need two things to read a book. The ability to read with an imagination and of course. . . a book.

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