Thursday, June 28, 2007

Illegals Go Home.

The amnesty bill is dead, at least for this session. Finally our elected officials got a backbone and listened to what WE the tax paying Americans wanted. Now if only they will make it easier for the border patrol and officers of all Law enforcement to enforce the law pertaining to illegal immigrants.
Some of our law enforcement departments are beginning to do what the federal government has not been able to do. Take for instance Sheriff Frank McKeithen who created his own Illegal Alien Task Force in Panama City Beach Florida. The task force drives up to construction sites and watch to see who runs. The ones who run are chased down, arrested on various charges and their names and information is handed over to the U.S. immigration authorities. Illegals are leaving town for fear of being deported. GOOD.
The Mexican American Legal Defense Fund is investigating the arrests because of what they say is an intimidation factor. Excuse me! A what! These aliens are here illegally and finally law enforcement is doing its job that has been long overdue and someone wants to cry fowl. All these officers are doing is showing up at job sites. The way I look at it is that if someone sees a police vehicle and flees a scene then they must be guilty of something or why would they run.

We are being overrun and taken advantage of by illegals and it is time that the laws of our nation are carried out. Our borders need to be shut down and all this political talking and dancing around needs to stop. All the talk, talk, talk is not getting anything accomplished. We are being invaded people so take your heads out of the sand and look around. All this bull about illegals are just doing jobs that nobody else will do is a bunch of double talk. Why, who was doing these jobs before? They were getting done by Americans all these years weren't they.
Employers, like the ones in the construction industry in Florida, are bawking the arrests saying it will deprive them of labor needed to continue. What they are really saying is they want cheap labor they don't have to pay much and also that they don't have to pay taxes on or insurance and the many other perks of hiring illegals. Who pays the medical bills of these illegals? We the tax paying public do; we pick up the tab for the added load all the way around by increased taxes. These illegals are taking advantage of our history of being good guys by walking all over us.

We also need to put a stop to this anchor baby deal. A baby born here by a resident from another country should not be an automatic American but rather still a natural resident from where their parents are legal citizens. If an illegal is over here and has a baby then that baby should still be considered a Mexican, or where ever they are from, citizen.


Chuck said...

That is the way most of us Americans feel. I am pleased that our congress
was able to see right through this bad piece of legislation. GWB must just have a soft spot for those illegals for some odd reason. What it is I don't know. Well see ya round Wools.


motopia said...

illegals have always dont the crap work in this country, before it was the mexicans it was the Italians (the term WOP is actually a acronym for "with out papors") and plus in days past LEGAL immaration was much easier, ellis island saw them by the boatload.

WooleyBugger said...

Most of the immigrants that came here in past history came here for a better life AND to become American citizens. Their dream was to build a better life for themselves and their children and be a part of the country. Most Illegals sneaking into America these days are not wanting to become American citizens. They tax our system to the hilt by every means and give nothing back. They work for less but pay no taxes. When they work for $7 an hour and get paid they get the full $7. If I were to work for $7 an hour the tax man takes almost half which would leave me with $3.50.
Being that I pay taxes and illegals do not means that the burden on our system is left to Legal citizens who have to foot the ever increasing bill and taxes are raised to us cover the cost.
Buisnesses that hire illegals get away without paying social security, state and federal taxes or even health coverage on those individuals. Hospitals and free walk in clinics do not truly give those free services for free. My tax dollars provides those clinics with the money to operate. The businesses pass that cost onto us all. Illegals work a lot in construction for less money but, does that make the homes any cheaper for us? NO! The construction company makes more profit off of the sweat off of us and the illegals.
Immigrants of the past wanted to contribute and help build ths nation. The ones from today just want to come in and take what they can.
On my way to Atlanta a few weeks back I stopped at a fast food place to get a cup of coffee. In front of me in line were two hispanic males who had ordered food. When it came time to pay one of them picked up one of those food gift cards from the display on the counter top. He tried to give it to the cashier as payment for the food. She said no he couldn't use that. He replied 'Free free' and kept trying to make her take it. She then tried to explain to him how the cards worked and he stared at her then again said 'free free.' Finally she called the manager over and told her what was going on. The guy tried to give her the card and she looked him straight in the eye and told him to quit pretending he didn't understand english. That he knew exactly what they were talking about. He then smiled and put the card back and finally paid for his meal. All of this took around ten minutes.