Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Brother hits Deer in Idaho.

I just received word that one of my brothers had a mishap with a deer in Idaho. He was on a return trip from Montana when somewhere in Idaho in a residential section of sorts he saw a dog running along out of the corner of his eye. Well, he thought it was a dog. He turned his head for a better look and saw it was a deer running along beside him. As luck would have it my brother had slowed to around thirty five when the deer decided to cross the road right into him. Hitting the brakes to avoid a collision and turning at the same time, the back wheel came around in a skid but the rear wheel hit the deer which caused him to high side the bike. Both he and the deer went down on the road. My brother landed hard on his wrist trying to break his fall and also smacked the pavement with his head. He had on a helmet and has no injury from that part of the fall. He righted the bike, with hopefully only cosmetic damage, but could not ride because he could not squeeze the clutch. His lady came out and picked him up and a friend hauled in the bike for him. He rides rain or shine, warm or cold as his bike is his main transportation and he rides thousands of miles a year.
I know he'll be fine though as he said that he had to laugh while laying on the pavement and seeing the deer sprawled out as well. They both shook it off and got up at the same time and each went his own way with road rash.

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KT Did said...

Ugghhhh! Glad he was safe and recovered from the downfall. Where I lived in the OC, believe it or not, we had rascals running across the roads all the time, in particular at dusk time. Makes all riders aware of skills! He certainly had his! Hope all is well Wooley!!