Friday, August 10, 2007

Just my head swimming whit schtuff.

I was just making a mental list of some things I've done. Nothing that really matters to anyone but me I suppose but here goes:

Helped solve a murder case.

Helped send a child molester to prison.

Wrote for a motorcycle chopper rag.

Covered the first Liquid Steel motorcycle event in Concord North Carolina in 2004.

Helped put a stop to some dirtbag who was trying to cash in on Indian Larrys Death by selling patches on ebay. I asked the seller some specific questions to help Larrys crew get this stuff off ebay and shut it down.

Held a concert for Kyle Petty's victory Junction Gang Camp.

Stopped and moved a turtle out of the roadway.

I was the Grim Reaper for animals at animal services until I awoke one morning puking my guts out over it. It was part of my job, I was told we were doing them a favor, because they were unwanted pets. We didn't like killing them but the shelters can only house so many animals at a time. You know, people have this misconception that animal officers dont like animals and that they are a mean bunch. That can't be farther from the truth. See, bad animal owners find it easier to put the blame on someone else for their mistakes.

I knew this Preacher who's sixteen year old daughter got pregnant by one of the boys in the church. The preacher was so angry because he and his wife didn't want to wind up raising the grandchild so they wanted the daughter to give up the baby for adoption. He was embarrased at what his congregation would be saying and very angry at the boy. He and I were just talking because he needed someone to vent to. Can't remember the whole conversation but I do remember telling him something along the lines of "You may be consumed with anger at the moment but this is your grandchild; once you get over the initial shock and the baby comes and you hold her for the first time, you'll forget you were mad and you'll love that grandchild no matter what." Guess what? He does.
Theres more to the conversation but that's it in a nutshell.

One more person I helped because they came to me was a truck driver I used to work with. He knew he could talk to me because it would stay between he and I.
He and his wife had just had a child and not long after she was caught cheating on him red handed. She wanted a divorce and it was a bitter one at that. His wife got full custody and he had to ask permission to see his own child. He was so angry at the courts giving her everything and he wasn't the one who had cheated. His anger was so bad that he made some remarks about what he was going to do to her and her boyfriend that weekend. But all I could do was listen to him and let him get it out. Finally I said to him that if he did what he was talking about then he suredly would never ever see his child again. He stopped cold and turned pale at the thought and realization because he'd never thought of it in that light. So needless to say he didn't do what he had been going to do in all his anger.

These are just the sorts of things that happen in all of our lives that we don't realize we've helped someone. Sometimes the smallest jesture, the willingness to listen or just a kindness of some type can be the turning point in someones life.

(I'll add to this later I s'pose)


KT Did said...

You are a good soul my friend! Lots of stuff in your pocket here! Hope all is well with you.

WooleyBugger said...

Howdy kt,

I'm doing alright. I have not been blogging much for several reasons.

I've also been busy with a project one of my brothers had been toying with for some time. Ever hear of a Tear Drop trailer?
Well, we are in the process of building a couple of them in hopes it will be a nice little side business. He wants to get out of his job and have something like this to do. Guess he's tired of the sales road.

How is your venture coming along?