Monday, October 01, 2007

Keith Urbans Motorcycle Accident.

Keith Urban had an accident near his home in Australia today. The result of a man on another motorcycle trying to get a picture while following Urban. Urban had to lay the bike down to avoid a car coming in the other direction that was turning in front of him. He admits that he had sped up when he noticed the other motorcycle was following him and was trying to get away from it. Urban was on the way to his AA meeting and his destination was something he wanted to keep private.

These paparazzi are so out of hand anymore. Just because a person is a celebrity of music, movies or sports does not mean that their whole life is to be spent without privacy. There are places and times for photo ops but they, like the rest of us mere mortals, need their own space and freedom from hounding.
I relate it to a person being at work and then when they are home, people from work keep calling after hours and on weekends wanting something. Just imagine trying to just go out to dinner with your friends or family only to be hounded by some office hound. Or, your in your own back yard enjoying the pool and here is that office person coming over un-announced, gawking at your wife in her bikini and staring at your kids. How about this one; your on the way to a funeral and the office hound is hot on your trail wanting something and won't stop until they achieve their goal.

It all boils down to respect and to know when enough is enough for gods sake. No wonder these celebrities get so angry and lash out. Wouldn't you do the same? I don't blame a one of them for snatching a camera and smashing it on the ground or punching another one out who won't get out of your face. Isn't it strange how paparazzi don't fall under the stalking rule? Or do they? Perhaps these celebrities should send out certified letters to all the tabloids and magazines with a court order to leave them alone and, any picture taken would include a ten thousand dollar fine to both the photographer and the magazine who printed it without the persons permission plus two months in jail.


Chuck said...

I thought the same thing while watching TMZ on fox the other night. They keep talking about Brittany Spears and how she has had her children taken away. Yeah, people make mistakes, just beacause she is famous certainly doesn't mean that she is perfect. Many people make mistakes and for someone to follow them around and stick their cameras right in everybody's business is just wrong in any circumstance. Sorry about the ranting....


WooleyBugger said...

So true chuck, People need to get a life of their own and quit playing armchair judge. Everyone is human and we all make mistakes.