Sunday, October 07, 2007

Oh what a weekend!

It didn't begin all that badly except that my truck overheated on the way to work Friday morning. (A busy weekend was coming up and I had to have transportation). Cruising down the highway at seventy miles an hour when my temperature gauge needle went slam into the red. The truck began having bad spark knock from the heat and the rattleing sounded like the bottom end was about to come out. Luck would be with me though as a rest stop was right there when I needed it so I pulled over, called into work, sat there in the pre-dawn hour waiting for the truck to cool off so I could limp it home. Got that fixed and all is fine so far. My son was working the Shriners fish fry and I was able to get the truck going again in time for that.

The next morning I had to be at the first annual Reidsville Lake Music festival to help out with a concert. It started at 10 a.m. and I arrived at 11 a.m. after getting turned around for a little while. I enjoyed being there with old friends and some family members for the better part of the day. records was the promotor of this twelve band day long show. I feel sorry for the people in the area who missed out on some fantastic music.


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