Friday, October 12, 2007

Boot Camp For Troubled Kids.

I suppose you have heard about the fourteen year old youth who was murdered by the very people in trusted to make this child into a model citizen. Turn him around from his wicked ways and help him on the path to the straight and narrow. Martin Lee Anderson was punched and kicked by guards after he collapsed from forced exercise.
I was watching CNN last night with coverage of what needs to be done to stop this abuse by so-called-caregivers for troubled youth. These are not isolated instances but rather more than a thousand such abuses and the on going problem of camp counselors forcing children to eat vomit, be confined as punishment without food or water, making kids wear sandbags around their necks and beatings and other abuse.

I can't believe that every single guard, and the nurse, in the death of Martin Lee Anderson have been acquitted even after viewing a video showing the actual beating.
Now if this abuse suffered by Martin Anderson had been administered by his own parents, do any of you believe they would have been acquitted of all the abuse? What if this had been done by High School coaches or teachers? Would the total lack of justice had the same outcome?
The parents would have been carted off to jail, given a trial with the same evidence and either faced the death penalty or been made to serve the 30 years sentences.

These boot camps are doing nothing but being abuse centers and not the help they claim to be. These kids are being mistreated, killed and abused by nothing more than paid child abusers who evidently are above the law as the show last night repeated over and over the mistreatment and abuse.

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