Monday, December 24, 2007

Almost Christmas

Well here it is, another year almost past with Christmas only hours away. I went over to and found the link to the Christmas Story quiz. I watch this movie over and over and can even quote some of the lines but I missed several of the questions. Guess that means I'll just have to watch it several more times this year to get a passing grade.

Been doing more reading than blogging the last few months. Plenty of current political reading as well as history. Not everything has been about politics however; plenty of reading of Louis L'Amour with the latest being "The Strong Shall Live" which is a collection of several short stories. In many of his books he talks about a town he was building in Colorado called Shalako. This is to be a re-creation of an operational 1865 Western town historically correct right down to the well. The idea was for it to also be a movie location and tourist attraction. I got all excited upon learning of this town and went to research it on the web. Going to was a let down as the town never got built and the land was sold off. Such a pity that it never became a reality making it a true ghost town of sorts.

It seems that to much planning of anything will kill off even the best laid plans. Sort of like Wooleys Ride that never seems to gain any momentum. Perhaps selling some t-shirts with the dream ride on them along with my caricature picture and just getting on a bike and going would be the thing to do.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

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