Wednesday, January 09, 2008

He shot him dead...I mean, right beside me this guy pulls out a damn gun and one shot.

No fucking way man.

Hell yeah he did. He was wearing his BlackHeart club colors too. Thing is, the guy with the gun didn't even look at were he was aiming. Out comes the pistol...

Where was the other guy?

The one who got shot? Or the shooter?

Yea. The one fucking shot!

He was just walking to the right of the dude with a pitcher of beer.

What kind of beer was it you think?

Fuck if I the hell should I know what kinda beer it was.

Just wondered. Don't get all pissy over it.

Here this guy gets shot right in front of me and you're wondering what kind of beer he had.

I'd hate to think a good beer got wasted all over the floor.

It wasn't wasted.

The beer?

Never even hit the floor.

No fucking way man.

Yes I'm serious. I'm telling you; the beer never hit the floor.

How in the fuck did the pitcher never hit the floor? You saying the guy put it down before he was shot or something; cause you said he was walking by.

He was walking by. Going back to his table with it in his hand when he was shot.

But why was he shot?

I don't fricken know man. Just let me finish the fucking story. God!

Okay. So the guy is walking back to his table with a fresh pitcher of beer when he gets shot. Gotcha man, I'm with ya.

Alright. He's walking past on the right of the shooter, minding his own business it seems, when the shooter, without even turning his head to look where he's aiming, pops a cap in this guys head. The gun came out and he raised his arm level with the dudes head as he was passing and, pop! One shot through the temple.


Gnarly as hell thing I ever saw; and I've seen a lot of things.

I'll bet it was. Everyone must have scattered after that happened.

A few people looked over to see what was going on but didn't seem to concerned or anything. The place was packed. It was business as usual and the music and all kept on going.

People just into doing their own thing.

When the guy with the pitcher of beer gets hit it's like his body just froze for a couple of seconds before he fell.

Standing there like some freakish son-of-a-bitch zombie or something?

Hell yes. That's when the the shooter turns and with his left hand takes the pitcher of beer from dead guys hand. Just as the dead guy is beginning to fall, shooter takes the pitcher from him.

No fucking way man. Took the pitcher from the guy before he fell and everyone just kept walking around the dude laying in the floor dead? They all just kept drinking, getting high and diggin the music?

Did I stutter or something? Are you calling me a god damn lire you puke?

No, no man. Not at all. I was just...

Shut the fuck up!

But really. I was...

I said shut the fuck up. Go get me a another freakin pitcher of beer you damn maggot.

Alright. Alright I'm going. What kind do ya want?

Cold man. Just make sure its cold.


Chuck said...

Cool little segment of some kind of Tarentino-esk story. The dialogue is pretty much what you would expect from something in the counterculture ,sort of underworld where this type of conversation would be going on. I would like to hear the whole story one day.


WooleyBugger said...

Thanks for the feed back chuck. It is a work in progress so this was just a small teaser I put up.

KT Did said...

bring on more! I loved the read!