Monday, July 28, 2008

The Panhead is Gone

(Wooley had a nice pair of jugs and here you can finally see what a handsome devil I am if you never saw me at Garage Choppers.)

Well, the Panhead is finally gone. Yep, I sold it tonight to some young guy who came with his dad to pick it up. Seems that his father has a 52 Pan and his uncle has a 57 so its only natural that the younger one would want one as well. His father told me he did not know why his son wanted an old Pan after seeing all that has to go into just keeping one running. Seems that the father had to do a ton of work to get his cases back in tip top shape and the son saw all that had to go into maintaining the vintage machine. But I can see why the kid wants one and its the same reason the father and uncle wanted theirs too; except the son also wants to have his own probably because of Unc and Pop. Its pretty damn cool, that a kid has the interest in the old machines from a bygone era, when everyone else is plopping money down for a new improved updated version of an HD. There is a big plus in knowing your Unc and Pop have helped you bring something along and learned how to maintain. All those other youngsters won't have the same pride as this guy building, tearing down redoing and bringing something back to life. This Pan will see new life in a vintage wishbone frame, I was told, if only he can talk Pop out of the frame that sat in a barn for years collecting dust and rust. He told me tonight that he'd been trying to talk his dad out of the frame for some time now. I recon Pop will hand it over to him now don't you?
Sitting here thinking about it makes me have vision's of the kid and his dad sitting in the garage right now as this is typed looking over everything and making plans. Oh the excitement that he must be feeling like a kid at Christmas time. There was one stipulation from me and that was that he had to ride it over for me to see when its all finished. Think he will? Probably not but what the heck, I'm just glad to know this old Pan will live again.

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Gia said...

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