Saturday, July 26, 2008

Don't let our wounded veterans become forgotten.
(Excerpt from my book:)

"We weren’t killers, the government trained us to be killers and then told us it was the right thing to do. That seriously screwed with our minds man. Then when I was lucky enough to make it back home, people made me feel like a mud stained boot. Mud stained boots are to be hidden away and never brought out to be used until dirty work is to be done. Otherwise, nobody wants to see them. Not in their car or house or store or just about anywhere cause a little mud might not look so good you know. They’ve served their purpose so toss them away so’s not to be seen. Does not matter how you try to disguise them or clean ‘em up, they’ll always be mud stained boots!"

"Never could seem to find the right way to explain that myself." Said one of the other men. "We were drafted into that situation, most of us, once there felt proud, at first. You don’t think about proud when lying in a muddy hole with your dead friend beside you.
"All you think about is staying alive. Then we came home." added another.
Frank looked over. "Some of us are still over there!"

Don't let our Wounded soldiers become 'mud stained boots'. Go visit

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KT Did said...

Wow... you have been working and I am waiting to read what you have here. Its sad, but a story that HAS TO STAY ALIVE. Thanks for keeping it that way and looking forward to hearing from you.
On another note, long time since I have heard from you... you have been writing busy, but I have missed you!!