Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yamaha Gone:

No, not the company but rather my old Yammy 500 that had been sitting around to long. The last thing I had done to it after pulling most of it down was rebuild the carbs. Old Yammy sat in the garage as a rolling chassis, then made it into my small shop where it became in the way there as well. So, finally it went back in the garage then outside under a tarp (which rotted) and then another tarp...which rotted too. Nuther words, this bike was just getting in the way like a puppy under foot everywhere you turn. Seems I was always having to move it from one point to another to get at something or park my truck in the garage in winter; you can see it needed to go somewhere, anywhere but here. I'd tired of looking at it waisting down to a pile of plastic and rust. Luck would have it, just by chance, that I was invited to a biker dinner get together a couple of months ago. We ate, we talked, we listened and ate some more. Over in a corner of the room sat this guy and his wife whom my wife knows and I've met a time or three. I don't remember how we got on the subject but I let it be known that old yammy was looking for a new home for free. The guys wife looked at me and said "No, don't tell him anymore cause he has enough projects sitting around." why she even tried to shush me but the damage was already done. We ended our conversation after a few more minutes and that was that.

But wait, a few weeks later somebody knocks at the back door and it the fellow from the dinner to look at the bike. Wish I'd known he was coming because after he sees the buke peeking from behind the trash cans, wheel barrows, lawn mower and other stuff he says he wants it. So thus begane the scouring of the garage, shop, rafters and anywhere else I'd put parts and we load it in his truck.

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