Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gas Duh - Lem - AH

I went out to get some gas today and the two stations are empty that I went to and one said that the fuel delivery truck pumped into the wrong tanks. He can't sell any gas until the truck comes back and pumps out the tanks to correct the problem. What's the problem? I have not a clue to that one.
It's like the late seventies all over again with this gas thing. Who knows what the truth really is on all this gasoline shortage mess we are having these days. Me, I can't help but wonder where - under all the bureaucratic garbage - or when we will ever find out the truth. Could it be that all the gas miser vehicles being produced today could be part of the problem? NO, just wait a minute before you razz me on this. All of our state and federal highway systems are payed in large part with gasoline taxes. Big government loved the big three automakers who kept producing gas guzzling road machines with eight mile per gallon ranges. Why? It meant more tax and plenty of it for the highways and perhaps other government programs. In the eighties the big three began making cars with smaller less powerful engines for better mileages. Hm mm, gas began to climb up the scale as more and more hit the roads. Better mileage + less gallons bought + less taxes paid = less revenue. So the more fuel mileage goes up so does the price of a gallon of motor fuel to keep the taxes up to the same levels. Then you have the old less delivery to the stations and put the word out that gasoline is in short supply syndrome. This puts people in a panic - like getting bread and milk and eggs in fear of bad weather power outages - which sells out everything. Ka-ching ka-ching.

So, is it truly supply and demand or greed of the underhand?

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