Saturday, September 27, 2008

Escorted Night Ride

Tonight was the beginning of the annual Biker Sunday event put on by the in Elon North Carolina. The day started off with rain which let up early, turned nice then began to rain again early into the festivities. Not sure just how many bikes where there but it was a good turnout with more riders coming in just as dinner was served. Lots of spaghetti was served up free to everyone with salad, bread and home made brownies. Tents had been set up outside to eat under as well as a pole shed which had a nice view of the bikes and soybean fields.
After the dinner we all went inside for some entertainment of singing and comedy. I wish I could remember the names of the people who put on the show for us but at this hour I can't.
The rain let up and the ride was on for the evening. I had been asked on Thursday if I would mind driving the chase rig for the group over the weekend. This was cool for me as I was happy to do it. Being that my bike is in need of a battery this gave me the ability to participate in the event. My son and two other teens rode with me in the truck as we pulled the back of the pack. There were police cars and/or fire trucks at every intersection along the hour long route. The group had a sheriff car in front and another right behind me. I joked earlier that it had been some time since I'd had a police escort out of town. We had a little bit of rain showers during the ride but nothing much or long. Even though I wasn't riding I was happy for all the others as they look forward to this evening outing all year long. Tomorrow brings more riding, weather permitting, and I'll be driving the chase rig again. Can't wait for that and it's sure a gas seeing all those motorcycles stretched out in front of me. I only wish we could find our 12volt power supply for our personal video camera and some great shots of the ride..

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