Sunday, September 28, 2008

Patronising Attitudes

I was just wondering why some people have to be so patronising to others. Ever been around a group of people and feel the way that some are looking at you that you get uneasy? How about trying to talk with someone or being the new person and being ignored. And lets not forget the times when a person is speaking to someone and another walks up, butts in like your not there in the middle of talking and they walk off, leaving you standing there like an idiot ...
For some reason, alot of times, I can pick up on people that are in that situation. Why? Because I know it myself.
There was a biker at the event on saturday from South Dakota, he had parked his bike off to the side from everyone elses. Earlier I had seen him by himself and just wrote it off that he was getting his food and would join up with others he knew at the table. But after that he appeared again off to himself looking like he was lost. Then he was over by his bike all alone so I went over to him and asked about his bike "80 superglide with a newer transmission. No kicker cause at the time I replaced the tranny they didn't have a kicker kit for it. Painted it flat black but the gas spilled not long ago and that's why the yellow paint shows through." He grew up around Burlington and was out here visiting with his brother. He's also a missionary and has been all over the country. A lady came up and spoke to him a few minutes about the Patriot Guard and gave him her card. Another guy came up while we were talking and had a quick conversation as he was passing by. After that just he and I talked about bikes for a few minutes more before the music and short comedy part of the evening began inside. When it was time for the night ride I looked around for him but saw him no where around. As I waited in the chase truck for all the bikes to pass by before taking up my spot at the back, I watched for him to pass and didn't see him. Could be with all the motorcycles going by I only missed him in the group.
But today I looked for him and his bike and didn't see either. I knew exactly what he was feeling last night as I could see it in his posture and on his face when I walked up to him. I'm still wondering if that's why he wasn't there today.

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