Friday, October 31, 2008

Grandma Passed Away

My other Grandmother passed away last Saturday and her funeral was Monday. She was 96 years old. She was a Baptist through and through ... that's why my uncle and I had to hide our drinking beer from her. She was a fantastic cook and could be quite the joker when she wanted to be. Fishing? Man could she fish. She'd stay out there just as long as anyone whether it was hot or the fish weren't biting. Tough as a steel I-beam she was too. When I was only five she and my Grandfather were broad sided by a run-a-way dump truck coming off the mountain in Alabama; it pushed them a long ways and crushed their 1965 Ford Galaxie on from the passenger side. The car was crushed in so badly that the car became only half as wide as it was supposed to be. I can still remember visiting them in the Hospital and she was all smiles and just took it all in stride. They had a room together and everything seemed fine to a youngster like me but that was when they found out my Grandfather had bone cancer. I think he already knew but just hadn't told anyone so the gig was up. He died not long afterwards but Grandma left everything as it was and kept on plugging away. Grandpa had already taken care of everything legal wise to make sure Grandma had no worries with that. Magazines and mail and everything was left intact as if he were alive. She use to stave off salesmen and the like when they'd call asking to speak to the man of the house. 'Oh! He's not here right now" or "He's unable to come to the phone, can I have him call you?" She even would leave his work boots by the back door on the steps just like he always did. My uncles gave her their worn out pairs to keep things current through the years.
Grandma stayed busy with her church teaching Sunday school and helping out the families in times of trouble. As far as the elders of our family, she cared for them all. Cooking meals for them and doing what ever was needed for each. Two of my aunts and uncles lived on the same street so she would walk to their homes to visit.
I could go on and on about her but she didn't like people boasting about her. She just did what needed to be done and that was that in her mind. She missed Grandpa a lot and never remarried in all those years.
I'll miss her.

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