Sunday, November 02, 2008

Indian Motorcycle Again?

I was happy to know that Indian would be brought back from the ashes once again. I had at one time sent an email to Stephen Julius of Stellican Limited requesting the company look at our area for a factory. He did send back a reply but they had said nothing was in the works at the time. Seems to me that something was in the works but nobody wants to bring a business to this shit hole it seems. We have all types and sizes of vacant buildings/properties just right for manufacturing AND the work force who want a decent paying wage job. The city council is more into making things tougher on small business's rather than getting off their big fat asses to bring something new here.
Indian Motorcycle had it's grand opening down Charlotte way October Fourth to a huge crowd of people wanting to see and tour the facility. You would think that a company would be - perhaps - making some more affordable form of bike to compete with H-D. Hell, even the Jap bikes are whooping the crap out of the cruiser industry with their affordable reliable machines. Trying to restart a company in this time in history with the lowest priced machine of $31,000 is totally whacked out. Putting all your eggs in a millionaires target market is just ... not to smart. The motorcycle manufacturing companies that offer reasonably priced bikes along with the pricier ones are the ones who stay afloat during economic down turns. Triumph is one such company who knows how to appeal to a wide market which keeps sales humming along. A bike that meets various income levels makes more sense. I hope that Indian makes it, I really do, because the history of the machine and the whole mystic idea behind them is fascinating. Perhaps they do have something on the drawing board for a lower priced model. One can only hope that after all the hype dies down that they can keep the factory interest in their machines alive.

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