Monday, November 03, 2008

Wheels Through Time Museum
Maggie Valley NC

This is a place that I have been wanting to see ever since they opened up. It's here in my own state and I've not been yet. For Shame. I had a couple of raffle tickets to win one of the restored bikes but I didn't win it. This place is so cool sounding and I have to get up there soon and see these old machines. Dale -- the owner -- restores all of the bikes and most of them now run. Most museums just have the machines on display for you to look at but Dales bikes run and he likes to prove it I've heard. Sometimes he even let's people touch 'em and get close to them for the real experience of a life time.
Dixie Biker magazine did a nice write up on the place which should be plenty enough to peak your interest to go visit.

Read Dixie Biker article here:

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