Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kids In The Road

Sounds like a musical group or something does it not. But that is not what I'm talking about here. No, what I'm talking about are kids with skate boards in the street. Not skating in the street, or riding in the street but rather laying IN the street. Yesterday morning when letting our dogs out into the fenced lot to do their business something was in the road. It's at the end of my yard and in a blind turn for anyone making a right hand turn on to the road. The intersection is tough to explain. Anyhow, these two kids are laying down in the road on their sides on the street like they are hurt or something. Watching for a few moments it can been seen they are not hurt but just laying there for some stupid unthinking idiotic idea. One was probably around fourteen and the other was perhaps a year younger but of smaller build. The taller one was dressed all in black while his friend was dressed in grey; nice colors to blend in well with the roadway. Stepping out the door I yelled at them to get up and out of the road. They look around towards where they hear the voice and lay back down. So I yell at them again and the taller one gets up, looks my way and with his arms extended straight out and cocking his head hollers at me that they are not doing anything wrong. His friend glances towards me still laying in the street and I yell again to get up and out of the street before you get run over. He just lays back down while the taller one yells some more and we exchange a few more words then he walks off with his skate board. The other idiot keeps laying there like some stoned dip wad. This kid had to be high on something as when he finally did get up he walked off real slow in a way as to say screw you. This kids was so out of it and who knows what was going on in his head.
If a car would have come around that corner, they would have run over those kids before they would have seen them. Then everyone would be on the blame wagon against the driver about these poor innocent kids who were just riding their skateboards down the street and got hit.

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