Friday, December 05, 2008

New Television, New Phones and New Radio Problem

For one thing I just don't see why the big push to do away with the analog systems we have used for years. My old cell phone would pickup inside buildings and places the new phones would not. Now I have been forced to buy a new phone because analog will no longer be available just like television sets. So now with the early warning systems in place over the years that you could pickup when cable was out will be no longer. If you have only a cell phone for all of your calls and no land line then when power is out you'll be stuck with no communication. If there is a big ice storm or tornado that takes down power lines then the cell phone towers will either be taxed so much you can't get a line out or there will be no power to the towers at all. Before also if you had one of those battery powered televisions or power to your home but cable was out, you could still get a local station for news. Will Radio be the next thing in line? You can bet your safety on it.
Why does the Government insist on the doing away of the old system of communication?
I keep a land line even though people keep trying to talk me into getting rid of it. But in all my years through many types of storms - even when power was out for days - the land line still worked 99.9% of the time. If it was out it wasn't for very long at all which is a comfort. Here is one more thought to ponder on the phone issue: my brother and his wife had done away with their home phone and only had cell phones. The kids had no phone to use in an emergency. When one of them was injured I stayed at their home to watch the other child while they were at the hospital with their cells. My cell battery died during the night and I was left without any communication ability to the outside world. Bad feeling? You betcha.

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