Sunday, February 08, 2009

I hate Motorcycle Electrics

Use to be once upon a time I was good at this kind of stuff but now I'm just old and cranky. When I want to use something I expect it to work, the first time, everytime and always.
Yesterday I went out to crank up the bike. In the morning I'd hooked up a trouble light next to the oil bag to get the oil nice and heated up. My battery tender has been on so the battery is at full charge. When my wife came home she parked her car in the side yard so I could get the bike out, which was a nice little surprise. Anyways, going out and checking to see it had gas, I put the key in, set the choke, made sure it was in neutral and hit the starter button. Nothing happened until the button was pressed several times in which the starter gave a rotation then stopped. The button does not feel right as if there is no resistance. Pushing the button at different angles finally the starter tried to turn again but with me pushing the button trying to get a connection I wasn't ready for it to catch and pulled off to quick. Well, she won't click anymore no matter how hard I push the button and then smoke started coming from the switch housing. DAMN!!
I can also tell the button has given out because there is no draw when pushed from the dash lights or headlight. But now I wonder if the on/off rocker switch is bad because with the switch housing off and working the rocker off and on it sometimes gets a small spark but then quit.
I have no patience with electrical crap and it has always been my weak spot in mechanics.
Searching the net has led me no where as nothing at all can be found on replaceing the starter button switch. I have spent around six or seven hours total searching the net for this solution. Everything keeps leading to starter, relay, battery and the like and there is nothing wrong with those on mine, it's the dang blasted starter button and rocker ... jeez.
Messing with it yesterday got me so aggravated and I shouldn't let it get to me like that. At least I stopped short of beating the hell out of it with a hammer.
Now, who's bike needs some work done on it???


Billy Jones said...

I know how you feel-- I've given up on the electronics and switched to a pull cord. Could you come over and help me pull the cord on my Ford?

WooleyBugger said...

You got a cord to pull now? Dang! That beats pushing it up the hill now to crank it 'eh.

"Cord on my Ford" sounds like a poem in there somewheres Billy.