Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Somebody Just Made Off With It

I can remember hearing this "Somebody just made off with it" growing up. This phrase usually referred to a person coming home to an item being missing. Or a local eatery opening up in the morning to find chub-oh the clown had been taken over night. This same phrase was put to most anything that got to wandering off when nobody was watching.
"Where did my bicycle go? I was only in the store a few minutes and when I came out Somebody just made off with it."
It's just kinda ironic to me for some reason that this phrase now has a person/s name to go with it, Bernie Madoff and his wife Ruth Madoff have made off with millions of other peoples money.
I wonder if there is something to the name ... hmmmm ... could it be that Madoff took my first Harley back in nineteen eighty four?
I also wonder if any Newspaper headlines read "Bernie and Ruth Madoff made off with millions"
Personally I think someone should just make Bernie and his wife be at their victims beck and call twenty -four- seven for the rest of their lives. Lets just see how long the judicial system drags it's heels on this one. If it were you or I we'd already be in the slammer with a sentence of ten to twenty for taking five dollars from a paper box to get our kid a gallon of milk. The hammer needs to come down now, and hard, on all of these big huge corporate execs and swindlers with their high end suits, five hundred dollar hair cuts, extravagant office parties and vacations, four and five homes while robbing their investors of everything.

Remember what Grandma and Grandpa use to always say "If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is." Like zero down for a home or no interest loans and such. There's always a catch or built in hidden fees somewhere, Ohhh yeeesss, always. There have been times slick talking fast thinking people have tried to get me in one thing or another. And when you say no they try to tell you and make what a fool you are. Why, we've even had them laugh out loud at us. I've been burned a few times on small things, like a certain home delivery food service years ago, so I keep my guard up. Don't forget the sales pitches on these pyramid schemes that they start off telling you how it works but it's not a pyramid but actually it is and I don't care what their new name is for it. It's still a pyramid when you have to send your share to the top and the only way for you to make money is to sign up more suckers under you. Another tip is them telling you that "Your family and friends are your hot market group to get on board first" what a sham. You want to lose all your friends and have your family dis-own you fast? I've had friends at different times try to reel me in on these so-called-ground level deals. I think a lot of these other shady dealers studied under Bernie Madoff cause their tactics are the same at some point.
When these slick talkers like Bernie can slick talk a slick talker and other highly educated persons out of his/her money, just think what easy targets we are. See, if you can convince a top dog your deal is good then the underlings will follow suit much easier. Just like sheep to slaughter. And someone just Madoff with your money.

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