Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's k.t. Dids Fault

I'm needing to work on my story as I have not written any pages for to long. I'll never get the novel finished this way. There are certain blogs I try to keep up with and k.t dids is usually the first one I check. I had planned on sitting down with a cup of coffeeee to work on the next chapter but went to read k.t dids for a moment. Then from her I went to fasthairs blog and spent some time there, he had another blog he recommended called so I went there. Reading his stuff had me tied up, and laughing so hard at some of his stuff that I nearly choked on my coffee. I also read there that he is hearing impaired and from early childhood what he went through. It made me wonder if I should make my own confession. Hell! If he can do it I recon I could do it to. But it's tough to write it let alone say it out loud. Well, I'm hearing impaired as well but was not always. Mine began in my late twenties but I did not realise it until much later. It's tough on a person and people who are not in this boat just do not have any idea how hard it can be. I remember one time at work this delivery guy said something and I did not hear him so I asked him to repeat it twice. He gave me an eat shit look then said "Get the wax outta your ears. What are you, fucking deaf or something?" I could feel my face turning red with anger but I just looked at him and told him point blank "As a matter of fact asshole, I am." There were about four others near us and they stopped and were looking over at us. The guy had been standing around talking to them but now he just turned and left to get on with his route. I mean, what could he say.

It's tough when you know people talk behind your back and make jokes about you like it's something you can help. It's not like wearing a plaid suit or something that you can change. There are also the assholes that talk low behind you saying shit thinking it's just hilarious as hell you can't hear them. Or how about when they know you have a problem so they speak with their backs turned so you miss clearly what they said and you answer something totally off base. Then they act like your a dumb shit because of your answer (I have people close to me that do this) is off base. It's a disability damn it I have no control over. It's also something that a Doctor told me I could get permanent disability for but I have not. Your not in my shoes so don't tell me not to worry what others say and do because it does matter in the real world. When your on the outside looking in and your not the one with the hearing problem, don't tell me how I should feel. People think your stupid because you can't hear and in crowd's and noisy situations it makes it worse. Being uptight at times I've had people tell me to "get over it" or "your just hearing what you want to hear." You think I like going into a panic when the hearing aid ain't working right? You think I like not being able to be around water for fear my expensive hearing aid could get ruined and insurance does not cover it? You think I like being around a bunch of people when you can't hear all of the conversations so you can keep up and join in?
I have a hearing problem damn it, I'm not a dumbass so quit acting like I'm one.

Well, anyways, I've said it and it's out there and only because it's K.T. Dids fault by turning me on to Big Daddy's Idle Thoughts and his blog gave me the courage to lay it on the web table. And I can say something really positive about his blog and that is, I'm older than he is and a whole lot more damn good looking too. lol
Thanks K.T. Did it was time well wasted.


fasthair said...

Mr. Wooley: I just seen your comment on my blog, sorry I missed it. Newby lives in Burkesville, KY. He located right off the town square on what I think is the west side of it. I'm sure Newby would enjoy the visit. He's got stories to no end.


KT Did said...

Okay, Okay, Its my fault... but it was a good ending wasn't it!
I hear you about the hearing problem. I, too, have one. I have had about a 30% hearing loss in my right ear since I was a child. I was tested in school (when they did testing back then) and found out the reason why I never joined in conversations at the table. I still can't hear well around a table in public.
So I will take the "its my fault" that led you to the other blogs...time well wasted;)

Big Daddy said...

I once pulled into a parking lot with my car, stereo booming.
A little old lady walked up to me and said why do you damn kids have to have the stereo so damn loud!
I replied 'I don't know why they do.
And if they knew what it's like to go through life with severe hearing disability they wouldn't.
She damn near swallowed her tongue and followed me all over the store apologizing.

I'm glad my story inspired you.
Remember you don't have to answer for anything. They can accomodate you. No one questions helping a person with a disability cross the street, hearing loss can be viewed in the same light.
Especially since a lot of them if they live long lives....will eventually be in the same boat.

WooleyBugger said...

fasthair: thanks for the heads up on Newby's local. He sounds like a great charactor to go visit for some good stories, not to mention perhaps finding a sidecar.

K.T did: I remember those hearing tests they gave each year. Why don't they do that now I wonder. Obviously I can relate to your around the table deal. Some people are good about getting us to join in without making us feel small while others just don't engage us at all. Oh well, their loss.

Big Daddy: I like they way you write and how you put things in a light others can relate to. That's a gift. Your comments here are well respected. Also, your stories are making me remember things I'd forgotten about. I just posted one about my Grandmother who passed away late last year. Thanks for the memory spark.