Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sportster Starter Button Pain in Butt

Alright, so everyone already knows my starter button fried on my bike last week. Today I went all around trying to find a manual to have a look see at the schematics. Well, as my luck always goes one could not be found. Drove from one end of town north and south to the other of east then west, nothing, no luck at all. Then I finally had to go and order one from a local bike shop I'd remembered seeing some time back. Of course he didn't have the one I needed for my bike so, like I said, I had to order one. "Should have it by Tuesday of next week" he tells me. We'll see.
Getting back home I was determined to make a temporary fix. Using my tester it was found that everything else was working fine like the starter, solenoid, generator and all that rot. What was found was that the starter button and the rocker we're fried definitely. While using the testers probe on the starter button the probe touched both sides of each of the wires going in and the starter worked. But, it was intermittent at best. So looking closer at the rocker, which was hard to work from off to on position anyway, one of the wires just fell loose.
Okay. I retrieved a another little toggle switch and hooked that up then attached a temporary, large automotive race car type, button after messing with wires that are to short and got her to turn over and fire up. The carburetor needs a good cleaning from sitting all winter but my rats nest temp switches worked. The stock ones I don't like much and there are things going into the housing, five feet of wire crammed into a one foot space, (being sarcastic but it's just to little space for all that stuff) that I don't want. So now is to try and figure out how and where to mount new switches and do away with the garbage I don't want. All I really need is just a simple, straight forward starter button on there and nothing else. Might just take off all the turn signals especially after looking at the way they had been wired by a previous owner. What a mess and only one signal works.

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