Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Motorcycle Adventures Across America

I don't know much about these folks who run based out of Greensboro North Carolina, but it looks like some people to check out. Evidently AAA is for people who wish to take a motorcycle vacation on their own bike. They, AAA, provide transportation for your motorcycle to from the beginning point in Greensboro and back after the rip. Seems they take your bike with gear to the ride start location in advance saving you the travel time while you then fly out to begin your ride. To learn more just click the link and see what you think. It looks pretty good with some great locations that you can vacation four days and not have to worry about spending all your vacation just to get to your destination. The way things are these days this sounds like a good thing. Your bike, your gear and your fun scenic vacation.


Anonymous said...

An interesting idea. It would definitely benefit those with tight time restraints to get a vacation in on the bike. If the statement half of their customers are repeat customers is true, they must be doing something right. It would be nice to read a review from someone that used them.

Ride on,

WooleyBugger said...

I may have to look into that Torch.
One of my brothers and I have been talking about getting together but he lives on one coast and me the other. We had talked about going the Amtrak route as you can take your bike on the train with you. But their is still the lost rail time cutting into your vacation.