Sunday, March 01, 2009

Breast Cancer Relief,
Wicked Women Choppers

I've made my pledge to the Breast Cancer Relief Foundation,
got my ribbon, but before I give will check the BBB.

No relation to the above mentioned foundation but there was an article done a few years ago when I was with GarageChoppers. Our then lady staff member, Robin "MadRocka" Fox, did up a great article on a women who not only rode motorcycles but built them as well. The woman is Christine Vaughn and she is the CEO, designer, fabricator, builder and all around visionary plus owner of in Herrin, Il.
Why does all of this remind me of her and the motorcycle company that she fills so many boots with? Because she built a motorcycle that tours the U.S of A to bring this whole Breast Cancer awareness to the forefront to both men and women alike. Though I've never met her in person, Robin did a write up that gave insight into this driven lady with a knack for getting things done in the world of motorcycles and beyond. I only wish that the article was still available for you to read.
One thing is for sure though, this lady earns respect wherever she goes and you should check her out.

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Torch said...

Nice to hear of someone actually checking an establishment out before throwing money at them, even if they are a non profit. Cancer is definitely a good cause. My second child and oldest son came down with leukemia when he was 16. To make a long story short we almost lost him. He survived and is a father himself now. He benefits from a lot of the things that are done for cancer survivors.

Ride on,