Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ahhh Screw It

The bike cranked right up today without a problem. But then it flooded out with to much choke so I should of known better than to use it. It stalled and then being so flooded it needed to sit a bit. I went back out to give her another shot and noticed raw fuel dripping from the exhaust pipes. That would have been one big fireball shooting out had I cranked it over. I'm guessing my float got stuck.
Wanting a new solo seat instead of the king and queen, the best thing was to turn my attention there for awhile. Going through catalogs and shopping on line found nothing that was affordable nore fit what I'm looking for. So I say: Ahhh screw it." I'll just try my hand at making my own the old fashioned way. Out came the paper, cardboard, marker and razor blade. Made some pretty good headway there I do believe and so far I'm happy with my first design. Hopefullythere will be a chance to work on the seat more after work tomorrow. We'll see.


Big Daddy said...

The first time I looked at this post...It said
Aww Screw it.

And no text after that.....I figured you were just venting.

WooleyBugger said...

Hey Big Daddy: I was venting of sorts but I had to go do something and finished the post later. Kind of a note to myself to not forget post about searching for the perfect seat.