Monday, March 30, 2009

Motorcycles, my Wife Doesn't Understand It

My wife just does not get it about my motorcycle fetish and how it just won't die. That's okay, at least she does not try to stand in the way of me having one. She says she thinks they're pretty and she knows how fun they can be (She use to ride dirt bikes) but the street bikes leave her a bit unnerving. Although she won't help me with them she doesn't piss and moan about it either. She's just concerned I recon. And even though she has said she won't help me any she has with trouble shooting and asking if I've checked this or that. But she still says she don't get it. We have and she has women friends who ride even.

( Motorcycles, It's not just a guys thing anymore.)


Big Daddy said...

As far as the list of fetishes may go.
I sure she's happy that THIS is yours.

Ann said...

It's definitely not just a guy thing anymore! I can't wait until my ride is complete!

WooleyBugger said...

Big Daddy: haha, I bet your right about that. Course, I do have my secrets to. ;>)

Ann: We must see that ride whenever the BD and you get it done.