Friday, March 20, 2009

Bummed Out and Tired of the Cold

It wasn't that long ago that I enjoyed the winter time but felt it was a waste without some snow at least. Well, this year we did get some snow around these parts but it was gone in short time. The sight of snow covering everything has such a calming effect, at least for a little while. Then you get the trucks, cars and post carriers and the like leaving tracks everywhere which destroys the beauty of it all.
But I am ready for all this cold temperature mess to be over and done with. Funny how one changes as they get older. My Sporty needs some attention to those hand controls as well as some ideas I have for it but it's been either to cold or wet outside to get out there and enjoy tinkering with her. Gone for me are the days of turning a wrench, sniffling, wiping my nose then banging a finger or knuckle when a wrench slips. It all hurts worse when cold bones and flesh smack hard cold metal with brute force. The pain goes clear to the marrow. I think I'll go get a job with AIG. At least I'll be banging someones elses knuckles and having them say: "thank you. Can I give you more?" I don't know a thing about insurance but then who cares as long as I get the huge bonus/or retainer fee for just screwing up. I mean I can do that easy.

Things for most everyone is tight these days. Well that is except for big companies getting bailout money then being lavish with it while we tax payers foot the bill when we have a tough enough time hanging on ourselves with uncertainty. Being that we all own a piece of AIG for example, I think that if they want to play that game then we should all show up at all of their, I mean Our, places of business and take what we want to settle the debt to us. I've been wanting a big copy machine so perhaps I should go take inventory of all my assets there, decide which one I want, call a couple friends and bring it home. I mean, it is being paid for by me ... right? It's public property like a park or other public place like a library so I should have access to the properties anytime I please. Don't you think it stinks to own something and not have the ability to use it?
I'm sick of being in the cold and having to do without and less while bailout companies reap more rewards for being stupid, underhanded and filthy then walk away with million dollar bonuses for screwing up. It would be like someone you know telling you that they are about to go under, give a sad song and dance story about needing to pay off debt so you lone them money when your already tight yourself ; then while your still struggling and harder now cause you helped them, they up and take a nice big huge fancy vacation on your dime plus, give some of your money to their friends to go party too.

All that bailout money should be going to the people who need it now. The people who actually do something to keep this country going each and everyday. Not some huge conglomerate that's just going to dole it out to those who are already wealthy. Not those idiots who don't really produce or make a damn thing but smoke and mirror, slick fancy words snake oil on pages deals with other peoples money. What do these AIG type places really produce anyway? Nothing that's what. Not one damn thing that you can look at, hold onto or touch. I even heard that new home owners are going to get an eight thousand dollar tax break refund for buying a home. Where are these deals for those of us already in our homes paying our mortgages? OH! That's right, we get some little piddly assed four hundred dollar break, eight hundred if married, little dingle berry amount for the whole year. Whoop dee fricken doo. Kind of like getting a nice shiny new penny for a raise and job well done isn't it. But lets reward the screw ups like AIG with big sums of money to waste. I for one am sick of these fat cat rip off artists in their fancy suits and short hair cuts.
If we really truly want something done up THERE in the D.C congress we need people like Ted Nugent and Jesse Ventura. We need people like the most of us who have worked for a real living and actually keep the lights on, the roads paved, the farmers feeding us, the truck drivers on the road, the dock workers, electricians, teachers, police officers and etc. Get it! People who can look at what they have done at the end of the day and see it, touch it, feel it, hear it and know they really did something today


"Joker" said...

I'm right with you on most of this. The only thing you have to remember is that AIG isn't just one company. They own many companies. And all those companies have a lot of ordinary folks working for them who would've had their lives ruined if the whole thing had of collapsed.

I'm not saying what the government did was right or wrong, as that is yet to be seen. History will judge it. For now, I'll just say that the people who work for those companies owned by AIG that still have jobs today because of the government bailout are not to blame for what has happened. There's always a trade-off. In this case it was keep thousands of people working in exchange for honoring a pre-existing contract that now adds up to horrible greed. The system is not perfect. Let's just all hope that in hindsight, 10 years from now, despite all the controversy, that they did the right thing for the majority of the workers, not the executives.

WooleyBugger said...

Your right Joker and I'm not upset about the workers there but the executives who screw even their own workers lower down the ladders. Big execs seem to forget that without the worker bees there is no hive. I'd just bet that the AIG execs don't really give a darn about workers in their own buildings barely making it. Leman Brothers and Enron didn't seem to care either.
But I hope that your right that in hindsight ten years from now it's all good. Just don't know how many of us can wait that long though.