Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gumption - I got None

Maybe I'll get over it, maybe Iwon't. The highlight of my day is seeing my son and having the dog get all excited when I get home from work. The dog is like my shadow when I'm home and has to be near me most all the time. I'm down on myself for the path I have taken and what had been envisioned when younger.
There are people out there who have it worse but I can't worry about them right now, I have my own to worry about. Tired of money issues, tired of the economy, tired of bad news, tired of having just enough to get by, tired of doing something extra to make some cash to put towards something then having something come up to take it, tired of being made to feel guilty for wanting, tired of not wanting to get up in the morning because I know it just means more of the same, And tired of being patient for what never comes. There is no gumption because life stinks right now and at the moment I'm just plain tired of it.


Allen Madding said...

Wow! It's almost like you've written my thoughts. As if you took the top of my skull off, read my mind and typed it out.

Here is to hoping things improve. Waiting for what never comes and waiting for the follow through on promises made gets old fast and all the excuses in the world don't make it better.

Hang in there. You certainly aren't alone.


WooleyBugger said...

For some reason Allen, your comment makes me feel a bit better. Guess it's knowing it isn't just me.

"Joker" said...

You're definitely not alone. I may be alright now, but underneath it all I worry about what lies ahead. I may never be able to go back to doing what I trained for years to do because of my injuries. What will I do then? Will I get SSI disability, and if I do, will it be enough to pay all the bills? Somehow I doubt it. If I can go back to work again in the Plumber's Union, will there be any work to go back to? 3/4 of my hall is laid off right now, and every job that becomes available will go to "connected" people. I ain't connected.

I made some stupid decisions when I was younger too. Now I have to live with them. More consequences may still come from them too. All I can do is try to keep going by remembering there are plenty of people in the world still living in mud and straw shacks whose biggest priority is clean water, maybe a little food, and surviving another day. Your morning's got to be better than theirs.

Chuck said...

Cheer up Wooley! I hope that things will smooth out for you. Sometimes things just never cease and they just keep building up until next thing you know you are in a deep depression. Don't let that happen to you. You probably remember not so long ago that was my scenario, I don't want you to go through that.

Ann said...

You're speaking my language. I know exactly how you're feeling, because I'm tired of all of it, too. Don't let it get you down too much. You're in good company, at least.