Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Confuses Say:

Trying to throw away broken and worn out trash can like trying to get bad relative to go away.
No matter how many time you put them on curb, they never leave.

Baseball bat and Police a lot alike.
You can never find one when being robbed.


You know, Conformity breeds complacency and this is one of the big problems of today. When we are children we have vision, imagination, individuality, insightful, honesty and must I go on. Parents and teachers say: Be your own person, don't follow others, don't worry what others think, dare to be different and don't let others decide your friendships for you. But then something happens, you are told to be like this or don't say that, be a team player and all that rot. It begins very early that others start telling them how to act and behave, what to like and not like. Wear what the others wear and individual thought is alright as long as the masses approve. Be your self as long as everyone else approves.
The non- conformist stand outs today are rare indeed.
After being pounded into conformity all your life you become complacent. We go about our lives, get caught in a rut and then wondered what the hell happened to the freedom and individuality we all hear about. We're so caught up in all the things we get brain washed into believing in our formative years that we go along and wonder why and how we got this way.

"Be true to yourself"
Being different is tough and you won't make many friends this way in the beginning. People will get their toes stepped on but one day they'll learn to move their foot.

There is an old saying: "You laugh at us because we are different, We laugh at you because your all the same"


"Joker" said...

LMAO about the trash can/bad relatives. I have a brother-in-law who has a date with a paper shredder if he doesn't straighten his disrespectful ass out.

Oh can I relate to much of this from growing up. That's one of my favorite things about being a biker. I finally found a place where being yourself and not giving a f**k about conformity is the rule instead of the exception. I just wish I'd figured it all out about 10 years sooner.

WooleyBugger said...

"I just wish I'd figured it all out about 10 years sooner"
Me to Joker, me to.

日月神教-向左使 said...