Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fiberglass Seat Pan part two

The fiberglass part of the seat pan is complete. Only took two tries for success and I was very pleased at how well my seat plug (Male Form) worked out. The problem with my first glass layup was the hardner did not work and left me with six plies of gooey resin that would not harden up. Wasted six plies of layed up glass, resin and working tools. I contacted the mfg of the product (Bondo corp) and explained my situation. You know, they got back to me mighty fast and had me on the road to success in no time flat.
At this point now I'm at the mounting bracket stage. Next step is finding the foam I want to carve out the seat profile. After that it will be getting material for the cover.
This seat fits like I want and there are two rubber bumpers underneath. The seat pan fits the rear fender profile to get that solo look I want without the solo spring mounting hardware.

A female mold will be taken of the original plug for reproduction purposes. Next glass projects are saddlebags for Sportsters and a fiberglass rear fender.

(Will post pictures soon as I find camera cord and download format)


Big Daddy said...

It's a whole lot more interesting when you do it yourself.
Gotta get a camera...I wanna see those saddlebags when made.
any thoughts on design?
Wrap around or convential?

WooleyBugger said...

It's bunches more fun too. I have an idea for the bags and a lid change to be more useable. I need to pull a mold from a saet I already have and make my changes from there. Probably more convential though.
I'm pretty stoked about the seat so far. Being all these years since doing fiberglass and most of it came right back.
I loved doing fiberglass reconstruction and the smell of it takes me back.