Friday, May 08, 2009


Why is there a summer break for school? Do kids with high and youthfulness boundless energy really need a summer break from school?
Nah, I really believe it is more for the teachers rather than the students. I mean, there is no way I could be a teacher with all they go through. What a massive headache producing job it probably can be. My nerves get wrecked if there are more than three kids hanging out around my home, so I can only imagine what a class of twenty or more could be. Then throw in the teenager hormone equation.

(end of useless thought post)


chessie said...

wouldn't exactly call it useless. For any people out here trying to figure out what line of work to go may have talked em out of being a teacher...

Besides, I like reading the thoughts of never know how thoughtful they actually are...even when the writer thinks they are not!

I'm likin' your blog, and I've added a link to it from my page...I hope that's ok with you? Anyway, I just wanted to chime in and let ya know...I like your stuff.

WooleyBugger said...

Hi chessie,
I'm happy that you are reading my blog and giving comments. I hope that what I've written does not turn anyone from teaching. Lord knows we need more great teachers out there and that they are extremely underpaid for what they achieve. Many around here even buy their own supplies to teach their classes (The education lottery is a farce in my opinion) and that is so wrong.
Personally, I have had several teacher/professors/principals in my family and they each truly loved their jobs.

I'll have to put a link to yours as well,

chessie said...

Don't you fret none...I promise you, most people who choose to so because it's a passion...I have degrees that would allow me to teach, but I'm just not passionate about it enough...nor do I have the patience to deal with the problems of others...I've become selfish in my older years...LOL