Sunday, May 10, 2009

Seat Pan Foam

Well, I've been working on the foam part of my seat this weekend. Went all over the place and spent way to much time trying to find what was needed this weekend. Though what was wanted could not be found something close was. Improvise, Adapt and Overcome is the way these prototype things go if'n you've ever done anything from concept to reality. It is time consuming working out all the little problems that crop up now and again.
So getting all the foam cut and built up how and where it was needed took the better part of a day. Then it was trial fitted to the bike so it could be sat on to get a feel. After a few minutes of sitting the back part where the fender forms under the seat was making my tail bone feel it's presence. This is not good and would cause a pain if ridden long. Adjustments where made and then it was sitting time again. Twenty minutes later it still felt pretty comfy. Now the glue up of the foam was needed and that is where I have left off for now. I may add another quarter inch of the high density foam for a greater margin of comfort. We'll have to wait and see.


Big Daddy said...

How well does the foam compress
and will it keep its shape after miles of riding?
Before you upholster it ask a reputable upholstery shop it's opinion of the foam your using.

"Joker" said...

I've been following this adventure of creation with interest. I could never see me doing it as I'm both a lazy and untalented type. I just open up the Mustang catalog and say, "I want that one."

WooleyBugger said...

Big Daddy,
The foam is the same type used for those camping pads that you put under a sleeping bag for a good nights rest. Your tip is a good one and being that it looks like I'll have to visit one for some material, it should go with me. Don't want to use leather to cover because after leather gets wet it likes to get hard over time.

You should give it a try sometime, you might surprise yourself and it's very gratifying seeing something finished you have created.
I see why custom seats cost so much now after doing this one.
Wait until I do the hard saddle bags, they will be way more fun than the seat.

Still can't find the stinking directions for using the camera with the computer, blast it all.