Monday, June 08, 2009

Sand and Prime

Alright, I spent the better half of two days sanding and priming the saddlebags. I kept finding more bad spots every time after I sanded the top. So, I'd have to use more glazing putty, let it dry then sand it down smooth. More primer would show sanding scratches and surface blemishes that I thought I had got but had not. Each time meant more putty, waiting, sanding then priming. The weather was a might muggy and in my hast when I thought the primer was dry at one point I tried to sand the surface. Great gobs of drat. The primer was still wet just under the surface so sanding made it roll up like pencil eraser bits and some stuck back to the surface. What a pisser. That's what I get for trying to rush things up a tad.
The good side is that I had not done the main bag itself yet which was still in the wait for glazing putty to dry stage. I sanded on this part as I waited for the top to dry, then did some more putty in spots, let it dry and sanded down smooth before priming it up. Of course there were more spots to fix just like the top. It was touched up and primed then set on the shop table to wait for to dry well. I don't want to sand to soon like the top.
That is where I am at for now. Reminder to myself: Get more primer.
Until next time.


Lady Ridesalot said...

Sounds like tedious work.

I was curious if "Mark" the saddle bag guy came back. You must have scared him off with your $100.00 statement. Way to go!

Good luck and remember... don't rush... be patient. ;)

WooleyBugger said...

Hi Lady Ridesalot,
Glad you stopped in to say howdy again.
Nope, have not heard from "Mark" again. Guess I could have just canned his comment but figuired I'd leave it up so others could see freeloading ad scammers.

Yes, this is being tedious work alright trying to get it just how I want it. Did try to rush a bit with putting primer on to heavy in a spot so have to do that section over again. See, sometimes it just doesn't pay to try and rush things. Oh well, it's all good and I enjoy it so no biggy.