Tuesday, July 14, 2009

North Carolina's Gov. Perdue wants temporary 1 cent tax increase.

What, is this a joke? There is no such thing as a temporary tax increase. Once it's in there baby it's in there to stay. Just how many times do we have to be hit over the head with buzzard vomit before we move away?

We here in North Carolina are already still paying for a so called temporary tax hike from 2001 and unless I am mistaken, that previous increase has been extended. She also wants to punish single people who earn $500,000 or more a year by taxing them more. Married couples earning $ 1 million would be charged more as well. If you look at those numbers the married couple is actually being charged the same as a single person only it's lumped together. She wants to charge 50 cents more for a pack of smokes and 2% more on beer and alcohol respectively. This same temporary tax hike rhetoric was spewed to all the Georgia residents years and years ago, think that temp tax has ended yet? Nope.
Smokers are able to go to another state and purchase cigarettes cheaper. Bootleggers use to buy here and sell across state lines, guess it will be the other way around now. It also looks like our fair Governor will be doing her part to help start a resurgence in tobacco and alcohol bootleggers and ridge runners like the old days. Plus as we lose more companies and people their jobs, more homes get foreclosed and stand empty, more people get desperate and buy and sell drugs Perdue might like to look to California's possible situation of growing Marijuana to get her needed revenue after she squeezes all of us to leave.

You don't just keep pouring water into a bucket with holes in it and expect it to fill up and solve all your problems, you first need to patch the holes to fix the problem. Perdue seems to think throwing more money from citizens pockets who already pay some of the highest state tax's will fix everything. Hell, the Government thinks only the citizens should learn to live on a budget. Her motto should read; If you can't get blood from the turnips, you just aren't squeezing hard enough.


Big Daddy said...

As I recall From my history books
The fed Income tax was a temporary measure to pay for WW1
A hundred years later......?

KT Did said...

Yep... I think you need to run for President!

WooleyBugger said...

They have been sticking it to us for years Big Daddy. Now I know that as much as it hurts we do need some, key word being some not sum all though the sum or some in tax talk is the same thing, tax to fund government. It's the sneakyness of it that pisses me off to no end. The taking of our money for one thing but then diverting it to something els altogether. And do we actually need to give long running grants for research on how a raindrop falls?

K T Did. haha, make me some campaign buttons.
I for one do not believe much of what our leaders tell us most of the time. Seems most of it is double talk and one way streeted but with the candy coating sweet part fed to us. The sour part comes after election and promises are forgotten. It does not matter which party you are for. Oh! and the rules only apply to we citizens.

Whoops sorry, off my soap box now.