Sunday, August 02, 2009

Antique Motorcycles and Horses

Just a quick thought.
My brother in Seattle and I were on the phone for hours the other day yaking about motorcycles. He mentioned a 1939 Brough Superior SS80 so he guided me a site to see one. . Never heard of them before but it made me think of the Rikuo Japanese made Harley from the 1930's. Then of course I went on the net to look at them again. There are few of the machines in museums here in the States. As I was looking around the thought began of looking at other motorcycles sitting around in museums and the thought hit me as a bit sad. You know, these bikes were built to ride and not sit in museums. If I had the fundage I'd get me one of those old vintage bikes and ride that baby around. That is what they were for ... right. You wouldn't but a thoroughbred horse then lock him up in a stall for the rest of his life would ya.


FLHX_Dave said...

Yup, I dig this machine. I want a crocker though...(big pipe dream...or bong dream.)

Oh yeah...Lawrence of Aribia killed himself on one of those Brough Superiors.

WooleyBugger said...

It's pretty cool isn't it? Yep, he had something like six of 'em and number seven was in the works when he got himself killed.

Crockers, oh yea man. Fastest bike around and even said if a Harley ever beat one on the track he'd give back the purchase price, never happened. A buddy of mine found out some group was trying to get the Crocker company going again and had even taken orders for un-built bikes. Like Indian though in the past, greed seemed to take hold and it ain't happened yet.