Monday, August 17, 2009

The Lonely Man

Once upon a time there existed a man who when he spoke said things that others prefer to not hear. They did not wish to listen to the truth of matters but would rather speak of only menial and trivial things. To learn was not of their essence. The people were content to live with the blinders of a horse upon their noses not daring to look right or left. No they had rather continue on the same heavily trodden paths of others, never to venture , veer from the known path. It was fearful to trek out into the woods and branches of the unknown; Easier to eat the fruits from the orchards never tasting of the berries that had abundance amongst the thorns.
The man was not of a great or prestigious school but rather from life it's own. There was in his ability to see through and reason out truths that were lies. To see into the future by drawing from the past was a gift. Many points made later came to fruition but, when pointed out it was unbelievable unless it came from the mouths and breaths of those who held paper on their walls bespeaking of their great and vast knowledge of learning from manuals of often misinterpreted manuscripts.
Many felt that this man was more to be laughed at and scorned for they were afraid this man might see through them, find a chink in the armour of their small mindedness. Easier to continue on the path of the known and not have open mindedness. Any thoughts of differing opinion should be used as mockery to shame and silence the seer. Pay more attention to his dress or look instead of the kindness and wisdom's that could be found by closing one's mouth and opening the heart and soul. For people such as these, hate and belittlement is the only way to understanding that which they are afraid to admit to themselves. They had also wish to fall in line to the misguided trivial matters that steer them away from the issues of that which are truly important. To yell and holler at top of ones lungs expelling all rage to stifle the opinions of the man who wishes only to enlighten and thus enriching their bodies , minds and souls. To show them that the way to peace is from understanding as well as compassion for their fellow man and beast.
No, this man was not to be listened to for he had little means, changes of clothing were few and tattered, not refined or made from the finest cloths or designers of the world. So he was left to his own accord, living alone wandering the vast edges and depths of the world with the huge universe at his disposal, only no one ever listens...except maybe God for he has no judgement to pass until the soul is made to appear in the heavens above. For it is man and man alone who wages, wins and loses his battles of his own accord.

Then the scorned man on earth who tried in vane to open the eyes of men will be given the opportunity to cast his baskets of stones upon those souls who had viewed him as forlornness, scorned and stifled his existence in his earthly bounded attire. But the Lord knows that this man will not cast any stones for his wish had always been to educate, to show compassion for those who do not believe. They will ask His forgiveness and He will wash their tired feet and welcome them home. The strength of forgiveness holds more power than all the armies of the world.


FLHX_Dave said...

Whoa...I can't say much because, well, I'm speechless.

I look at alot of amazing things with my eyes but my soul thanks you for this picture. I was able to see it clearly.

Man, thanks for this today.

WooleyBugger said...


I'm glad I was able to give you a hand. It is hoped more people will be able to see it like you.

mq01 said...

wow, incredible and lovely post wooley. thank you.

WooleyBugger said...

Thanks mq01, I do appreciate your kind words. Don't forget to come back by sometime.
Oh! Tell Bob I said hello.

mq01 said...

..bob says hello to you and yours :)