Monday, October 19, 2009


Tried to get a fall ride in over the weekend but the old girl was being a hard case. It was a pretty windy and cold day and the oil being thick was taxing the starter. She fought me the whole time. I've heard an old trick from scooter tramps when on the road was to take and drain some of the oil from the tank into an old coffee to heat by the camp fire. Then pour that in all nice and warm and they'll crank up easier. But being I'm at home I can use the old light bulb trouble light on the oil tank to help with this. Or i can get one of those aircraft sump/block warmers that work in extreme cold. Guess I really need to rebuild that original carburetor and trash the one that is on it. So that is the attack plan folks. Now where can I get new parts for the original carb...hmmm.


Big Daddy said...

The best cure for 'cold' engines is...move to AZ.
I usually find good deals on carb kits on ebay.
I enjoyed your story posted before this one.
If you ever do get a online mag..I'll write a new one just for your publication.
We all get discouraged at one time or another..keep plugging away.
I sit at my keyboard and read all my fav blogs...and most of the time I don't even have the energy to write a simple comment..
So I wait for days like today...and comment on many 'post's at once.
These many post's actually keep me going
Keep writing..I'll keep reading

mq01 said...

im with bigD, i enjoy your writing wooley. the old girl, sounds like a personality you gotta love :) so is that your winter project, her carb?

WooleyBugger said...

Thanks Big Daddy, I know what you mean as I to have so many good ones to read that I sometimes mis a new post but when I do I try to comment. I'll keep reading your as well.

Hiya mq01, thanks to you also. I believe the car should be my winter project so the old girl will be ready come spring. Get this done and she won't find many days for rest. She has her personality for sure which makes her special.

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