Sunday, October 25, 2009

Passion Rekindled

"She was a beauty all right." Jake said to Trevor over a cup of coffee.
Trevor rolled his cup between his palms while looking down into the liquid as it swirled.

"I have to find her. I just can't go on without knowing where she might be."

"Well we have us a good tip so just don't give up hope just yet." Jake told him.

"Never find another like her, you know. We have been through hell and high water and she was always there for me. You wait and search a long time for just the right one and when that one comes along you just know it. Ya don't even have to say anything, ya just know."
Trevor was looking out of the window thinking about all the good times he'd had with her. It was an overcast day that matched his feelings of loneliness and despair. The waitress came over and warmed their cups but Trevor never even looked at her as Jake thanked her.
Jake sat looking at his friend feeling how he felt and hoping he could find the right words to make it better for him. He'd had his close calls himself but had been lucky not to lose his girl to somebody else. Jake got up from the table just as his cell phone went off while he made his way to the restroom.
After a few minutes Jake came back and knocked on the table top to wake Trevor from his trance like gaze out of the window. He'd never in all his years seen his friend so quiet and down.

Trevor gave a look over towards Jake who was standing beside the table as he flopped down a few bills for the meal.
"Got a little tip about your girl Trev. Wanna lets take a ride and have us a look?"

Trevor perked up a little at the prospect of the chance to get her back and at home where she belonged. Jake and Trevor had searched all the usual haunts for her around town. All the places they always went together, bars, restaurants, stores you name it, they'd looked for her there. They had even gone to local strip joints thinking she could be around even though it was a long shot. Trevor was desperate in the searching for his girl. He was lost and incomplete without her and he knew it. The picture he had out of the two of them on their last vacation to the beach, both of them looking so good together and him smiling a huge smile, was carefully slipped back in his pocket.

"Lets go have us a hopeless look. She might be better off where she's at then with me." Trevor said slowly getting to his feet.

"Man, get a grip will ya. Sometimes these things just happen no matter how much you try to watch over and care for them. It just happens sometimes but just don't lose all hope."

The two men got in the truck and headed off to a middle class neighborhood. Trevor knew he'd had no choice and neither had she. Money had been tight with all the job losses and he had not been able to give her all of the things she needed as before. But he had done the best he could but it just wasn't enough. Perhaps he should quit looking and just let her have the better life it seemed she may have found. Trevor was at the point of just letting her go and try and move on. Maybe another would come into his life and with time he'd forget all about her knowing she was in a better situation.

They pulled up to a nice brick home in a middle class section. It was a much better place than the Mobile home in the woods Trevor and she had lived for several years. The grass was green and the place well kept. There was a Mercedes in the driveway and a Bass boat parked beside the garage. It was a happy place anyone could be comfortable living. Trevor just knew that his girl was being much better treated here, she must be.
Jake turned off the engine and spoke to Trevor.

"What do ya say man? You want to go and have a look? See if she's here? At least you'd know."

"Let's do this and get it over with. If it isn't her, then I'll just have to quit looking and move on. I'm just to tired of wondering about her and how she's being treated."

A teenager came to the door. "Are you Jake"? He asked looking at the Medium built man with short hair and Long mustache standing on the porch.

"Yes. I'm Jake and this here sad lookin old mule is Trevor. Is she here?"

Trevor felt a slight twinge of excitement at the possibility of finally finding her but also a bit of uneasiness of whether he would be able to take her back home. How was she, how had she been, how would she look in his eyes now after weeks of worry and wondering of her whereabouts? All of these and other questions went flying through his mind like a whirlwind.

"Shes around back by the pool." The youngster told them. "Go around the side and you'll see her. I'll go out the back way and put the dog up."

Jake and Trevor headed around the home and reaching the fence could see her. She was lying in the narrow patch of grass between the pool and the fence.
"Was it her?" Trevor thought to himself. It looked like her but he needed a better look as she was half hidden behind a chase lounge.

The boy came around and opened up the gate. Jake and the boy were talking but Trevor didn't hear a word. He was walking carefully and slowly with the anticipation of both joy and yet another let down. If it was her and he got her back home things would be different this time. He had a better job now, she'd have everything she needed and he would never ever let her suffer through as she had done so faithfully before. If he had to go without eating for a week so she could have what she needed so be it. If it took him staying home from the bars to save the beer money because she needed those funds she'd have it. Never again would she have to go without anything. He would put her first because without her he knew he was nothing, nothing at all. She was who he was and she completed him.

He made it over to her as Jake and the boy came up beside him. Trevor almost began to tremble. It was her in all her beauty lying there in the grass. The sun had begun to shine and small birds were chirping nearby. Jake too knew her by sight, after all he'd known her almost as long as he had known Trevor. She looked so peaceful in the grass by the pool. Such a wonderful sight to behold.

"Ahhh, just look at her Jake. Look at her curves and shape. So much better than I remembered." He said in a whisper like tone. He was smiling at her as he knew from the feeling that he'd had all those years before that she was still the one, the only one for him.

"Here, let me help you get her up there Trev. You look a little weak in the knees."

"So, it's her?" Asked the boy.

Almost laughing Trevor looked at the boy. "Oh yea man, it is her, it sure as hell is her."

They all helped her get upright from her spot on the ground and brushed her off. She gave a slight moan as they began to get her back to the truck for the long ride home. Even with her short comings and blemishes she looked so damn good to Trevor.

"I'll never pawn you again baby. No matter how bad it all gets, I'll never ever let you out of my sight again...ever." Trevor said as he patted her Tank while Jake tightened the straps to her handlebars. His shovelhead was back in his life now, he felt a great many more years in store for them only this time she'd be well taken care of.

"Lets get her on home Trev and get her back in shape." Jake told his friend.

"She deserves much better." Trevor spoke with a familiar but long awaited cheerfulness to his friend. His passion had been rekindled and this time it'd be different, much different.

"Well my old friend, sometimes it takes a near miss to realise what we have."

The boy stood counting his money while the two men drove away with their reclaimed pawnshop prize.


"Joker" said...

Knowing I was going to be getting divorced put a small worry in the back of my head about possibly losing my bike. Even though I was positive that wouldn't happen, I still worried a little. I can't even imagine the feeling of being forced to sell her.

Luckily, it's now established in the agreement that both of my bikes are "hands-off" in the divorce, and that makes me very happy. I don't ever want to know what old Trevor was feeling.

No way.

FLHX_Dave said...

Yah know, I was reading the first part and I was thinking to myself..."What a selfish bitch! Why is this dude so pussy whipped over a chick that sounds like she has material issues! I woulda' been outta there.

Then I figured out wtf was going on halfway through. I enjoyed this. What scares me is when I figured it must be a bike he was thinking about, I suddenly could relate to it that screwed up or what? I'm a sad sack o' crap...but then again you wrote the story. lol!

Nice. I dig stories like this. Thanks for the read

mq01 said...

i love happy endings :)

日月神教-向左使 said...