Friday, December 11, 2009

Energy And Its Affects On People

Alright, these are just my thoughts on this subject that I have. No research, just my own ideas and thinking and experience on the subject.

Stored energy comes from kinetic energy, in other words when you are moving an object it is kinetic energy but when you place that same object on a shelf, that energy is now basically stored kinetic energy.
You can feel this energy when you walk in a room if you look for it. You can see this energy as well such as a picture on a wall or a cup left on a table. I'm strange I know, but I feel that this energy also takes on the mood of the person who did the work to place an object where it is. If an angry person gives you something - say a simple keychain - that negative energy is in that keychain. Each time you look at it it will bring back the persons image of anger in it. But if a person who was happy gave you the keychain then you would smile each time you saw it and would think about them in a positive way. Energy is transferred this way our whole lives.

It's weird of me but also I tend to think that a loved ones energy can be felt strongly after their passing. I think of this because one of my wife's relatives died last year right at Christmas and we went to the home for the wake. It was less than a week after Christmas and the whole house was decorated, the tree was in it's spot and all the presents she had placed under it were still there just as she had placed them. The kids could not even bring themselves to open anything. Being that it was a happy home you could feel it still, plus her energy was still in that room, stored from her energy that was used to decorate it and place the packages. As long as nothing was disturbed the kids mothers love and energy were still present in the room. If you had moved anything some of that energy would be gone, transferred to another and meshing with your own energy.

So as long as the pictures, and anything else in the home, was left right where she had put forth her energy to place it then her life force energy is still there only in a different state because she transferred her energy into the items. (Does this make any sense at all?) Once you move the items those stored bits of her presence are gone. But if you leave it alone you can still look at it and know that her energy placed it right there. It is the same with art work I have of my grandmothers, she did the art and picked the frame and did it up. I can see all the strokes from her pastels in the art in the frame as she put it and it makes me think happy thoughts about her. Had she been a negative person those thoughts would not be the same. This is just the thing that makes a hand made gift from someone so special.

Ponder this to if you will. If you have ever hunted for a home you know that just driving by a house it gives off vibes. It could be the most perfect home ever but you can feel the energy coming from it...can't you? If it was an unhappy home and you step inside you feel it. All the anger and pain sucked into the walls being stored there. You walk in and some of that over abundance of anger just falls right onto you. Not that you know anything that went on there but you just feel it exude in the space. Even with all the nice furniture and decorated walls it still has that angry feeling and/or sadness embedded deep in it.

And then there is a happy home you drive by and from the street it reaches out to you and grabs your attention. Perhaps it isn't even the style your looking for but the happiness from it is overwhelming and inviting. You go in and the carpet is not perfect, no're the cabinets, no're the paint but you can look past it with ease because it feels so happy and homey. You may find out the person who lived there died of old age after a long illness but they were such happy people in life that the whole home soaked it all in. You don't feel any sorrow of anger from it just happy feelings. Then you look at the mantle that the man made when he was young and placed there. Not a perfect mantle by any means but somehow, even after people have said to update it you can't, because his energy is stored in it from his hands and the energy put into it. As long as it is there then his energy force will be stored there to.

Do you get what I am saying? I just don't know if I am getting this explained well enough. So if I leave my coffee cup on a table and I'm gone, then my stored kinetic energy is still there and as long as my cup stays right where I place dit with my own hands, the energy will be around it.


Arizona Harley Dude said...

I've never thought of it in these terms, but yes it makes sense. It reminds me of when my mother didn't want to move to the new house my dad was building at the time. She claimed it would never be home to her. But, she moved anyway and her health declined steadily until she passed. Visiting now, 10 years later, there is none of her presence in that house at all.

Yep, makes perfect sence to me.

mq01 said...

im with you completely wooley. the happy and unhappy mojo can be felt all the same (in my opinion). great thoughtful post.