Saturday, December 05, 2009

Vacuum Molding Machine & Claying Up Engine Parts

Alright! Almost have the vacuum molding machine up and ready to run. There are still just a few minor details and assembly work to do but it is mostly there. Here it is, 1 a.m, and surley I should be in bed by now but for some reason I just couldn't seem to make myself turn off the lights & heater in the little shop. Things were going along to smoothly as well as the progress, when it is going like that it can't be stopped for fear of murphy's law getting in to muck things up. So, it was best to forge ahead while Mr. Murphy was still asleep staying out of the cold.

Got some of the claying up of engine parts done up late last night. One of my first ones, after I pulled it aprt for inspection, didn't turn out like I wanted so it had to be done all over again. That one kept me up until almost 2 a.m because once you start claying up you just can't stop in the middle. So with my back aching, as it has been, I pushed on towards the finish line. Thing is with this particular part is that after it is pulled there are already alterations I have to make to it then clay up again. It needs cooling fins put on but the first pull of the model from the mold has to be done before fins can be added for the accomplished design and look is there.

Both of the parts I am working on need to get done so the already interested parties can have a look at them, see what they like, or what may need to be changed. This being the case I push along with aching back, sore neck and tired brain.

One last little note on the motorcycle frame builder I was looking for might have been found. The price for the first frame could be a tad pricey but if we go with it the frame price comes down depending on how many are made. Might have found an engine supplier too for things to progress before we make one ourselves. But what the heck. Now I just need to sell the old Sportster, which I hate to do, but as was said before sometimes you gotta sacrifice.

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