Saturday, January 02, 2010

End of 2009 Hit Hard

I'm on a borrowed computer to post this up.

Yep, the end of 2009 was like much of the year, it hit hard in the wallet. But the worst is that I was hit with a trojan virus that mimics windows virus protection update. There was another fake one also that got in the system. Once this thing gets in (You don't even have to do anything but try to X it out) it begins to take over and delete and destroy. You have little time to combat it but I was able to run a full system scan before it was to far, or so I thought. These windows kept popping up all over which hindered me from doing anything. Each time I tried to run my virus program the worm would pop up and take over the screen not letting me click on anything. Then this thing kept taking icons away and replacing them with its own fake ones all over. It took over my tool bar, email, desktop, files and the ability to go on the net.
If you get a warning from your virus program telling you it has detected a Trojan s p m / L X unplug your system fast. Do not even try to log out of any programs or try to shut down normally, just yank the power and your cable. Because once you get that screen warning you... well it's already to late, it's in. We've been fighting this thing for five days now.

The fake infected programs I mentioned just began popping up on my screen pretending to be virus fighting protection programs. One took over the whole screen with a product box picture and information (Which actually gives it more time to get in because you are reading how great their product is) but it covers everything and by clicking the "I don't want it" button to make it go away you have just let it in.

So my fellow friendly bloggers if it happens to you YANK that power and cable from the wall fast. We have had to go in and essentially wipe my whole system away which means losing years worth of writings and research information. Though after running in safe mode we extracted and put info on a disc, I don't know if it is infected so it will have to be scanned.


Willy D said...

Man, that really sucks. It was probably the government shutting you down because they don’t like your opinion.

Makes you think about how much we rely on these little microchips. At least paper and pen never crashed.

FLHX_Dave said...

Dude! Just install your have a backup right? LOL! man, I'm sorry about this. I have been there many, many times.

Hell, getting on the internet now is about as dangerous as having sex..."You just never know just quite what you're gonna get..." - Forest Gump.

This sucks...just sucks

WooleyBugger said...

Willy D,
Yep, I know I'm on the Gov-ments top priority radar. I'm a mover and a shaker in the political anals. lol
Pencil and paper? Man you could afford that back then? I still have my first grade stone tablets and chisel.


I got a backup but it only has five chambers and I recon I needed
six. Do they make computer condoms to protect from CTD's (Computer transmitted Disease)??

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