Saturday, January 02, 2010

Musical Stage Debut

My son makes his first stage appearance tomorrow playing my bass. Good luck kiddo . You know, I thought his getting a Fender Strat for Christmas would free up my Bass. Ahhh, I don't really mind to tell the truth. I encourage it.
He's been working on a song and wants me to come up with the Bass lines for him, his fellow guitarist and it seems a new drummer. Shoot, with all this going on I might catch the musical bug yet again.

What shall we name them?? "bugging out" or "Trench mouth" oh, ohhh, I got it "The Dusty Trojans" lol. or if they go the Christians route "Spiritual Madness". Seriously though, I got nuthin.


Willy D said...

How about ya’ calls em’ “Daddy’s Bass”.
Or you could call them “The Willy D’s”. I kina like that name;)
What type of music?

WooleyBugger said...

Hey Willy D, I'm back after the crash. "Daddy's Bass AND the Willy D's" hmm, that sounds good.
He's learning some good ole rock and roll and some hard Christian rock.