Monday, January 04, 2010

Good News, Bad News

First, the good news. Looks like the virus has been ousted and I'm going again.

Bad news, looks like the mechanic that worked on my wifes car screwed us out of $250 right before Christmas. Apparently he did some shafting and didn't do what he said he had done but if he did do what he said he did then he damaged the engine. The jury is still out on it. In other words what he charged us to do (which is questionable)he says he didn't remove a few componants which if he did what he said, he would of had to. Bottom line is after he worked on it we now have $700 in damage to the engine.


FLHX_Dave said...

All I want for Christmas is a decent mechanic! Why I try to do all I can on my own...which frequently results in the same outcome you have just experienced...with the exception that I don't have anyone else to blame for it but myself...hahahahahaha!

I would be explaining to someone that isn't very kosher....and that bad things happen to folks who screw other folks...and all that. If it's done in a "matter of factly" and pleasant usually works!

WooleyBugger said...

Hey Dave,

Yep, I to use to do all my work but these days you have to worry about deploying airbags and/or frying electronics if you don't follow the correct procedures.
Many repairs just aren't feasable for do it yourselfers anymore. Take my 1999 f150 heater core for example, in the old days theseunits were right there at the firewall or inside in the passenger side. Not so my friend on the F150, it is inside against the firewall under the dash up near the windshield. The front seats and whole dash has to come out just to get to it.
The car, a Lumina/Monte Carlo had the battery go dead a couple of years agocold as ice outside, took it to autozone for the free battery installation with purchase but guess whatthey don't do certain cars because the battery is down low and several parts have to come off to get to it.

And the mechanic shop in question won't call us back and the owner just never seems to be in . Imagine that. We'll be having further contact with them via our lawyer.

FLHX_Dave said... just made laugh again.

"Hell asshole...we don't kick peoples asses anymore...wez' got a lawyer now!"

Can't remember the movie now.

My bike is in the shop...they just really f'ed it up though...tell you about it in a day or so.

WooleyBugger said...

Dave, you kill me man. You make me laugh at myself. Now I dare you to step outside and cross this line. Ok, but I bet you won't cross this line.

What'd the bike shop do? Screw up the primary or something? This to sucks what ever they did.

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