Saturday, August 14, 2010

An Antique Hummer?

Got a nice little monetary gift from mothers estate. Of course it had to be shared with my siblings and split between us. I got my truck fixed so it will pass the new emissions which was right there at the $700 mark. Thanks Mom, that first check came just in time.
Now the second one I put in the bank. I was dreaming of things I'd been wanting to get or places to go with my little nest egg gift. There was a couple of campers, one slide in so I could hall the bike with me, then I looked at some Corvettes, a couple of Mustangs then several, and I mean several motorcycles. Then the thought of a nice little secluded property up in the Mountains. Or, put it all into my magazine, perhaps a mill and lathe (I could make sure money with those ya know), or another Ironhead Sporty to make a rigid Panster out of.

After all that the thought of buying more stock, savings bonds or some investment. The decision was made. The decision I made was to put it in a totally seperate account in the bank and let it cool off awhile before I went and blew it all. This way gives me time to think on it, forget it, think on it again.
The only thing that keeps coming back to mind is getting a little restoreable Harley Hummer to putt around town on. Don't know why but the little bikes just appeal to me. Have not been able to find one local so I keep looking around.

But for the moment I'll just mull it over while the money gains interest.

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Willy D said...

A tin can in the backyard sounds good.