Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Rat Bastard Lives Again

Hey, hey, the rat bastard lives again. It was suggested to me to try another set of spark plugs. This is something I should have done but the plugs only had about a thousand miles on them. Also, being all the electrical parts that were tested to be bad and I replaced, I assumed that the problem lay in the ignition system some where. Guess the thought was of the way it had been going on my bike that it just couldn't be something so simple.
Went out and got some new NGK's, gaped them at .028 and put them in. Turning on the gas, the key then the rocker run/off button there wasn't really any expectation it was going to start. So not really expecting RB to crank I hit the start button and was startled myself. She fired right up like she had only just been shut down. I mean I was surprised big time. The starter barely even turned at all as it was almost instantaneous life.
Big assed grin on my face I tell you what. She's a tad rich but now that can be taken care of easy enough.


Willy D said...

WTF? Thought you said you had good spark at the plugs. Or was that just between the wire and plug? Glad to hear that it’s going.

WooleyBugger said...

Yah, the indie shop said to try new plugs first after these had been carboned fouled and cleaned so many times. They were also short reach "Champion" plugs. These new NGK's are long reach plugs and should help with the fouling problem. I didn't really think the Rat would start but dang she fired off right-a-way. A tad rich so some tweaking is in order but Hot damn, she's a runnin again. Now for some new treads and I'll be ready to roll...fingers crossed of course.