Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Guy goes to the Eye Doctor

So this guy goes to the eye Doctor;

Doc, "So. What seems to be the problem?"

Guy, "Well I think I'm going blind."

Doc, "What are the symptoms to make you think that?"

Guy, "I noticed since I've been on the computer a lot my eyes seem to get foggy and blurry."

Doc, "Are you married?"

Guy, "No. I'm divorced for close to a year now."

Doc, "I see. I'm going to give you a prescription and you need to follow it to the letter."

So Doc scribbles out a prescription and hands it to the guy.

Two weeks later the guy returns.

Doc, "Did you follow the prescription as I wrote it out?"

Guy, "I sure did Doc and I want to thank you. I can see better than ever now. I dusted off the old Harley, rode it the whole way to Sturgis, partied with everyone I met and spent a week with two lovely twins. But how did you know that would cure me?"

Doc, "Let me see your Hands." Guy shows him his hands. "Just as I thought, those palm blisters are all healed up."

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