Monday, August 09, 2010

Hey! I'm A Wanted Man

Nah, not that kind of wanted you were thinking. But non-the-less I got a call today from the Burlington Writers Club and they invited me to a couple of meetings to hob knob with other writers. Cool huh. I thought so too. And the fact they sought me out was a jaw dropper for me. You know, a guy who's into motorcycles and what not with a ponytail and beard might be something different for the writers club here. I'm sure they're a bunch of cool folks even if they do dress differently than I more than likely.
You know, to be asked to visit and join is some what of an honor to me. Several of these people are published authors making a living in the trade as I was informed. Never hurts to get in there with like minded folks. How better to move the magazine along.

On another note, here are some things I come up with from time to time and by putting them here I claim all rights to them.
Motorcycle rescue service name and slogan: (Rider Rescue. Because sometimes you need a little R&R).

Short Story title of mine: "A Boy Named Progress" Yeah, well that one is still on the back burner.

Ahhh. I had another one but forgot it for the moment.

Peace out Baby


Lady Ridesalot said...

Just might be an interesting evening for ya! And yes... it is quite an honor to receive the invite. Congratulations! Let us know how it goes.

WooleyBugger said...

Thanks Lady, I think it will be interesting myself and who knows, might meet some influential people.